What It Measures: Upper Body Power

Athletes start kneeling behind the designated start line. Athletes hold a 6-pound medicine ball with both hands at the center of the torso; the medicine ball in contact with body. Perform a chest pass for maximal distance, using both hands and a two-handed release. Distance from the start line to where the ball initially contacts the ground is recorded. You must maintain contact with both knees in the kneeling stance during the toss and release the ball with both hands; or that toss will be disqualified. You may fall forward and touch the ground beyond the start line with any part of the body after the ball is released. If toss is disqualified, the judge will call out “Bad Toss” and the measurement will not be counted for an official score. Each of two attempts is recorded. Best of the two attempts is circled and scored. Athletes must initial their scores before leaving the test area.

Test Protocol

Test Tips from Diane Vives

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