What It Measures: Sprint Speed

Test monitors will blow a whistle and call the wave (shown by a letter written on your bib) to the start, designating time to line up in your pre-assigned lane (shown by a number written on your bib. It is extremely important to only line up in your designated lane, even though there may be empty lanes due to competitors who did not show up on event day; if must be in the correct lane to receive the right score. Start in a static position behind start line in whatever position you choose, though three-point stance is recommended. Listen for the firing of the auditory start pistol; timing starts when it is fired. If your foot crosses the start line before the auditory start pistol is fired, you will be disqualified. If there is an electronic failure or false start in the run group, the entire group will be reset for another race start. If you or anyone false starts a second time, he or she will be disqualified. Run for 40 yards on the grass surface. Your finish time is capture electronically as well as photographically and is measure when your torso crosses the finish line. You will get one attempt, which is recorded in seconds and to two decimal points by the Timing System Director and the official computerized system. Note: there will be a warm-up area for use prior to testing.

Test Protocol

Test Tip from Diane Vives

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