What It Measures: Agility and Athleticism

Note: You will need to know and be able to perform the pattern of the pro agility shuttle test prior to the start.

Athletes are responsible for knowing and being able to perform the pattern of the Pro Agility Shuttle Test prior to the start of the competition. They may ask for help at anytime in the preparation area before the competition starts and will receive a brief review at station.

The test begins with the athlete straddling the center start/finish line with one hand on the line. It is suggested athletes choose to start in the direction opposite to their dominant hand and foot with the dominant hand on the line. From that position the athlete starts the test by lifting their hand from the line and running 5 yards in one direction and touches the line with the hand that matches the chosen direction (ex: athlete runs to right side line and touches hand with right hand).  The athlete should always be facing the judge at each change of direction. Then the athlete runs 10 yards the opposite direction touching the far line with the hand that matches that direction, then back 5 yards running through the start/finish line.  The athlete must touch the line on the ground with the hand matching the direction they are running at each change of direction on the far ends but does not have to touch the hand to the line at the finish.  

The timing judge will start the time when the athlete lifts hand from line at the start and stops the time when any part of the torso crosses the finish line. The athlete must immediately reset for the second attempt.  The best of the two timed scores is recorded for the final score. If an athlete does not run the correct pattern or fails to touch any required lines, that attempt will not be scored and the athlete will only have the one attempt to receive a final score. Athletes must initial to accept the scores before leaving the testing station.

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